I’m on CPP disability and my partner is on CPP and old age security.

Yet, somehow, we make too much money to access low income provincial supports. Granted, I am on a provincial plan for the “working” poor, even though I don’t work. Nor does IT, to be honest.

To determine our access to this program, they go by our combined income. They don’t take into account all the other bills we have to pay monthly. You know, extravagances like rent, heat, hydro, insurance, gas or food.

Ultimately, this means that we have a large deductible to pay every year BEFORE we can even access lower cost—but not free—prescriptions.

I’m a Type 2 Diabetic and unsurprisingly, I need insulin. But depending on the time of year or month, I can’t afford it. I just do not have any other resources to pay for them. I’ve even maxed out my credit card to pay for medications.

So, sometimes I just go without.

I feel like I have fallen down a rabbit hole with no way of ever getting out.