Type 1 diabetes has been my life 24/7 since I was six. Infuriatingly, I do not qualify for provincial prescription coverage and private insurance is either too expensive or doesn’t cover the devices and services I need. One is a continuous glucose monitor that helps ensure my blood sugar is controlled to avoid complications from long-term diabetes. This device and other items are donations from friends within the Diabetes Online Community for which I am so grateful.

Much of my adult life has been finding a sustainable path for myself and others: as an advocate, mentor and blogger (find me under under FatCatAnna). Four years ago, I actually moved provinces for better access to health care and coverage for an insulin pump.

Sometimes I think about a friend with T1D. She has dual citizenship with Canada and France. She finally got so fed up with the lack of access to treatment in Canada, that she uprooted herself and moved to France where her needs are completely met. She’s never coming back.

So, here I am approaching retirement and contemplating a similar move—as a last resort. It is agonizing to consider leaving a country as well-off as Canada to get the care I need.